Why You Shouldn’t Charge Crystals Under a Lunar Eclipse

I can’t say that I was one of the lucky ones who managed to witness the beautiful strawberry moon eclipse of 2020. The over cast weather meant we couldn’t see much at all in North Wales, UK. However, many of you lucky souls may have managed to witness its beauty but here is why charging your crystals under such a beauty may not be a good idea and what else you can do at the tail end of this full moon eclipse.

Being a Gemini baby my birthday kicked off this eclipse and with every thing that is going on in the world right now, it felt like a very strange, unpredictable energy. Many of you may have found yourselves seeing traits in yourselves or others that you may not have liked. Your relationships with others may have been rocky, and your emotions all over the place.

If you did notice any “flawed” behaviours in yourself or others, they’re not new. They are in us all along just resurfacing during this energy phase. Because of this, now is a great time to work on our shadow selves and release any self limiting beliefs that are holding us back rather than trying to manifest material things.

When we experience a Lunar eclipse the energy can take on a darker or unpredictable turn and so it is important to ground yourself. Grounding crystals like obsidian, tourmaline and more metallic stones like pyrite, hematite, gold and copper can help to ground us and keep us feeling abundant during uncertain times.

If you are doing any rituals then keeping grounding crystals along with labradorite is a good idea in order to welcome our shadow selves to be worked on and transition the energy to positivity.

I also like to keep moonstone in my bedroom to help me at night as the energy can have dramatic effects on my sleep and dreams. If you want to try lucid dreaming then you can definitely do this around the time of the new or full moon when the energy is heightening but i don’t recommend it during an eclipse.

strawberry moon luna eclipse

So what can we do?

As mentioned above it is a great time to work on our shadow sides/ self and to release any negative thought patterns or traits. The moon’s energy is Yin which represents the feminine energy, intuition, getting rid of the old in order to receive the new. The sun’s energy will invigorate you, bringing new life, success, happiness and a more driven masculine energy. This is why when we work on banishing self limiting beliefs during this time, we will feel a positive switch. It is also useful to send love and healing to the world right now in hopes of eliminating any past negative patterns and welcoming new open-minded ones.


One of the strongest and most healthiest things we can do (especially during a full moon) is practise gratitude. You can do this by meditating, thinking about all that you are greatful for or writing down a list of everything you love in your life. When we do this, our heart and brain works together in co-herance and we can start to develop an inner peace and happiness along with vibrating higher thus being able to manifest great things at a faster pace.

Shadow Work

The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can’t see in ourselves.

Shadow work happens when we take the time to delve into our own toxic traits. This can be extremely uncomfortable as we are faced with some real truths about how influential we can be on ourselves and others negatively. When we learn our shadow self, we can then start to release and repair and limiting beliefs or heal any traumas that continuously cause our negative behaviour patterns.

Releasing Ritual

To release anything that is no longer serving you try this releasing ritual. It can be unhealthy thoughts, habits or attachments. It can also be traits or sides of our personalities that are not of our highest self such as jealousy, resentment, guilt or anger issues. It is also useful to do a releasing ritual a few days after the full moon, i do this monthly. You can see what I do here.

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