Why relationships can determine how fast or slow you manifest and grow.

Be-careful of the company you keep.

One thing that has always baffled me is this new concept of love yourself and you’ll be happy no matter what. While on the one hand I completely agree, that it is important to fully love yourself to value your worth and feel loved without relying on other people. I also feel that the relationships that you have with people can determine your level of happiness also.

You can be so happy in your own skin, know your self-worth, have an amazing day and come home to a relationship (partner, flatmates, family) who can instantly kill your vibe. Here we go from a high vibrational state of attracting abundance throughout the day, to an instant shift and crash where we now feel we will have to pick up the pieces again tomorrow.

One thing I have always struggled with is detaching from people emotionally and psychically as I am very forgiving and have been taken advantage of for that. If you are like me, you like to see the good in people and believe you can help them do so much better but leave yourself hurt instead. I am highly sensitive to energies, and emotional vampires get me no matter how much I try to protect myself. I am, however, beginning to learn that playing along with them to match their vibration may make things run smoother, it makes me feel liked and close to them. But it is also not for me.

I am not someone who enjoys insulting for fun or putting people down. Whenever I have brought this up to people who do this, they call me sensitive but I know that I want to attract and abundance and my best life won’t happen if I’m back and forth trying to get the last say, or arguing with someone being obnoxious because they refuse to encourage and see the best in someone else.

Just do you.

It is the best feeling to be surrounded by go-getters like yourself, who encourage you and drive you to be the best that you can be. Being nice and complimenting people costs nothing but can mean so much to not only to that person, but it actually is so good for you yourself.

The best thing we can do is always stay true to ourselves rather than getting into bad habits just to please other people. You should always set your own bar and expect the people in your life to rise with you and not pull you down. We have to forgive any thoughts in our head of the past, don’t blame yourself thinking this is some kind of karma, or just the type of “men” you always attract, or the type of relationship you have always had with your siblings. You can do so much better or they can do so much better and should be encouraging your growth not trying to shrink you.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, do we want to keep lowering our vibration and good luck by trying to please people hoping to make them feel comfortable and lowering our standards. Or do we want to be happy and attract like-minded people into our lives? It is time to step back, and watch people from a distance and see if they are encouraging growth or damaging your vision of ‘living your best life’. Allow your true self to observe instead of participating, and perhaps detach from the obsession you may have with being liked or wanted so that you can continue to build your life vision.

Love Cara x

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