Distance Tarot Reading (Sent in script via email)

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How to get your reading?

If you require some guidance right now on check out fill out the contact form with your name, email and date of birth (optional, this is for extra numerology information you can also leave a link to your photo too) you must also fill in the message box with the question or subject you want me to conduct the reading on. Don’t worry If you don’t manage to fill out the form I will contact you directly with the email address you check out with for your information.

In the message box please ask me the question you would like help with, and give some details of what outcome you are hoping for. You can be open with your questions, I won’t judge, the clearer you ask then the more detail I will be able to find during the reading to guide you further.

Within a few days you will receive a fabulous script of your reading with love. I will also send you a photograph of the cards that we’re drawn so that you can reflect on the reading and their positive impact on your life.

What will you will get?

  1. I am offering a tarot card reading (minimum of 3 cards) to help you to find an honest, direct and positive answer to your question.
  2. 1 question per submission.
  3. I only work directly with the client (No third party, or asking questions for someone else or about someone else’s life)
  4. I will conduct this reading exactly how I would in person but this reading will be conducted and sent via email.
  5. The reading will be sent back to you in email (you won’t receive the actual cards, but you will get a photo of the ones that I draw out for you)
  6. Each reading will be conducted and interpreted by myself, and every single reading will be exclusive to you. I will always draw fresh cards, and conduct a fresh reading for every client.

What is Tarot?

Through a Tarot reading we can feel influenced or guided in the right direction for our souls highest desire. Think of the cards as a mirror to our subconscious mind, a way for us to recognize when we are ignoring important lessons and signs in life, and a guide for what steps we can take next.

Tarot definition can very depending on the person reading and their opinions on how they conduct their readings. Some people may even be sceptical, or fear forms of divination. I can confirm there is nothing scary about we do, in-fact I along with many others connect to Angels and spirit guides for assistance. We simply use our strong intuition and connect to our highest self and trust in the information that we are open to receiving.

6 reviews for Distance Tarot Reading (Sent in script via email)

  1. Amber Lee

    I was so pleased with my reading, Cara went above and beyond my expectations. With previous readings, I never felt like I got the information I was after but with Cara she was so detailed and helpful. Thank you so much, highly recommended and will definitely be using you again 🙂

  2. Kayleigh

    Thank you so much Cara for the helpful and detailed reading & for being so lovely. It really lifted & reassured me. Everything you said I could really resonate with & it has given me a clear way forward. Thank you so so much. I would recommend Cara to anyone who feels a little lost, or feel like they need some guidance, or who just fancies a reading. By far the clearest, detailed & most helpful reading I have had – thank you 😊🌻 x

  3. VMG

    An amazing reading. So much information and helped me see things clearly, giving me the path I need. Thank you so much

  4. Kirsty

    I had my first online reading with cara last week and I was really pleased with it. It gave me the answers I was looking for and it was such a detailed reading. Such a lovely and helpful lady aswell, will definitely use Cara again 💛

    • Cara Braia

      Aww thank you honey x

  5. Tyra

    The reading has given me comfort and peace during this uncertain time. Very thorough and accurate to both my external and internal state! Cara is so thoughtful and caring. Highly recommend it and will surely return again.

    • Cara Braia

      So kind thank you Tyra x

  6. Amy

    I had an absolutely amazing reading, everything was spot on and gave me some real guidance that was needed. Thank you so much x

    • Cara Braia

      Thank you Amy, so happy I could help x

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