Imnowallflower is is a British based spiritual wellness business promoting self care and metaphysical healing. Cara Braia is the owner of Seventh Heaven Salon based in the seaside village of Colwyn Bay, UK. Imnowallflower is a perfect destination for crystal lovers, modern day spiritual healers and those hoping to find and connect to their highest self and life path.

A little bit about me…

Growing up in a small town, thinking outside the box and trying new fashion trends or hobbies was frowned upon and made the locals strangely uncomfortable. My family were from the city and so they always encouraged me to think outside the box and be unique (Mother was english, father Italian). For that reason I have never been one to follow social norms and being a gemini i get very bored and like to change things up, be it my job, my goals, my hobbies and so on.

My mother was a beautician, hairdresser and spiritual healer and so it has always been part of my life. In 2016 I set up a nail bar in a precinct in North Wales, after building my clientele I took a leap of faith and set up in my own salon. Fast forwards a few years and I now proudly own a sucessful salon and can help other women to feel beautiful inside and out.

My Intuitive Background…

I always refused to believe that I was spiritual as I never thought that it would be accepted. I was always told from spiritualists from a young age, that I am an old soul. One psychic medium even said that I was an Indigo child due to the death of a “gifted” ancestor passing on her abilities to me when she passed.

I had always experienced vivid and lucid dreams, a lot of the times i also experienced sleep paralysis. After moving house at the age of 8, I started to see spirits in the new home and I decided to shut off this ability as it scared me to death. As I got older the idea scared me less as I learnt how to protect myself from seeing anything that wasn’t good. I no longer see spirits on a regular basis but I do still have experiences through dreams, during sleep paralysis or just upon waking.

I now am a crystal & spiritual healer, beauty therapist and together they work very well. I also read Tarot and Oracle cards and help encourage people to be the best, positive versions of themselves. I am a Gemini with my moon in Cancer, highly empathic and basically a walking contradiction when it comes to emotions. I hope you enjoy the content that I share.


Cara Braia x