Manifesting with a New Moon

We are currently facing a global pandemic. Times are crazy and the last thing I wanted to do was post YouTube videos that would encourage spending while so may people are struggling financially. And, so I have decided to start sharing with you guys some rituals and spiritual things that I like to do to manifest and keep peace of mind.

We have entered the new moon in Aries, and I want to share with you what I do to manifest my desires just after we have a new moon. You can also do different rituals for a full moon, but that will be for another post.

If you preferred to watch this, you can head over to my YouTube channel to do the ritual and meditate with me. Otherwise, here is what you’ll need to do.

Things you will need…

  1. Candle (Use any preferably white)
  2. Palo Santo Ethically Sourced –
  3. (Optional to clean the air) Charcoal disk & frankincense resin –
  4. Pen & Paper
  5. Fireproof dish.
  6. Moon phase calendar app.

Next steps…

1. Cleanse your sacred space (smudge with smoke sticks, in sense or moon sprays) optional use incense. I used Frankincense because it is good for asthma, chest and easy breathing. Especially useful during the coronavirus to keep your air clean.

2. Light a candle

3. Meditate to clear your mind. Root or ground yourself or cleanse by imagining a white light coming from the sky through the top of your head down to your feet.

4. Listen to what your deepest wants are right now. What do you really want to manifest into your life right now. Feel those intentions.

5. Write down your intentions, each on a separate slip of paper, in present tense, as though it has already happened. Keep them positive.

6. Say them out loud one by one, then imagine they have already happened.

7. Burn, Bury, Soak the papers, or use a crystal grid. Allow yourself to trust in the process and let go of all expectations or worry of how they will happen.

8. Blow out your candle

9. Give thanks to the universe for what you are about to receive.

10. Let the wishes be, don’t think about them. You may notice signs along the way that will remind you that everything is working in your favour. Sometimes things may feel uncomfortable or like they are going wrong but everything will make sense in the end.

I really hope this post and my video is something fun for you to do during these times. Remember that you are not alone, and what you don’t know can’t hurt you. That being said, it is important to be careful not to consume too much media coverage on the topic and meditate frequently for peace of mind. Head over to my Instagram account if you need any more inspo or a chat.

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