Ignoring your Soul…

The universe is always sending us signs through emotion and then physical pain. When you feel depressed it is your soul telling you that what you’re doing isn’t right for you so it isn’t making you happy. If you hate your job but continue ignoring this “I have to pay the bills, it’s well paid” etc… Then there will come a time when “s**t hits the fan” and you’re FORCED to move out of that situation. When things are flowing and you are in alignment with your souls desires and listening to the signs (no matter how uncomfortable they seem) the path will keep changing a lot smoother.

If we don’t break or learn from our karmic relationships be them in work, home or with friends, then we are given the lessons to re-live them over and over. We are supposed to learn lessons from our past and when we repeat the same mistakes the universe sends us the same lessons and usually similar people who trigger those same emotions until we learn to make a change or address and heal those triggers.

Have you ever noticed a series of unfortunate events or tragedies that have happened in your life that end up working out for the best? Sometimes you want something or someone to blame for your illness or pain, but when you look into the traumas that we put ourselves through we can understand what our bodies were trying to tell us all along. Some times breakups seem so hard, but we have been asking for our ideal partner for so long that we forget that the breakup usually makes room for that perfect person to enter our lives.

Always listen to your instinct, soul and body. Happiness can only exist when we allow the universe to flow through us for us and not to us. At a crisis time like this, we must remember that good can come from it as long as we keep an optimistic mindset. If you have been hating on your job for a while now and desperately wanted time off to work on a new creative business, now is your time so make it count.

Love Cara


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