How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home.

A few years ago I approached my dentist about having my teeth professionally whitened. We had a professional mould made for my teeth and started the process of trying to whiten my teeth that to be fair didn’t really need it as they were already white. I had explained to him that I wanted an even flashier white smile, but he wasn’t keen on how that would look. We tried a course but I didn’t think it made much of a difference, so he decided to not charge me, and we stopped treatment. He said “You don’t want to look like Simon Cowell” but obviously I definitely did (want his white teeth that is).

Fast forwards to a few years later and I managed to find the same products online for a fraction of the price, plus there are also companies making hand made custom moulds too. So I thought I would share it with you guys.

If you have sensitive teeth, start with a lower percentage or try 15 minutes rather than the full 30 minutes. If irritation occurs, take a day or two off from the course. I recommend you complete the course daily if you can for 2 weeks. Avoid any tea, curry, wine or foods and drinks that can stain during your course and for 2 weeks after you finish your course.

What you will need.

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Moulds (Order your kits here then wait for your mould to return)
  3. Poladay 7.5% (For sensitive teeth) or 9.5%
  1. Brush your teeth (I also floss)
  2. Place a tiny bead of poladay into each tooth section on the front of the moulds.
  3. Place the moulds in your mouth
  4. Leave in for 15-30 minutes. Top ups every so often can also be done at 30 mins every few months.
  5. Take the moulds out, brush your teeth and clean the moulds with cotton buds and COLD water.
  6. Make sure your gel syringes are properly sealed (you can store them in a dry cupboard or in the fridge)
  7. Dry your mouth shields and store them safely in the storage box
  8. Repeat this daily for 2 weeks (then have a 2-week break before starting another 2-week course if you want them whiter)
  9. Avoid drinking and eating foods that will stain the teeth for 2 weeks. Wine, curry, coffee etc…
  10. Enjoy your new smile.
Whiten teeth at home
Whiten teeth at home

Make sure you are over 18 before trying to use these products at home on your own. Also, if you have any questions or concerns then ask your dentist. You will need to order your mould kit, complete the steps, return them to be made and then wait for your moulds to arrive back before you can do this.

Please note. I am not a dentist and I have no dental experience or qualifications and do not claim to do so. This is how i was taught from my dentist and this is how I do my own teeth at home. I accept no responsibility for any sensitivity or issues caused. All opinions and tips are based on my experience.

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