How to clean the energy in your over crowded home.

If you are currently isolating with several family members or even friends, I can only imagine how much energy needs releasing and replenishing. Smudging the house including draws and cupboards can do wondrous things to homes that are feeling tense right now. Even if you are alone and want a bit of a pick me up, smudging is a fabulous energetic way to lift your mood.

It is important that our homes become a safe place energetically to stay in and to come back to after venturing out. Even before this pandemic, it was and still will be important that you have an energetically safe haven as a home. It is where the base of all of your ideas, relationships and moods stem from.

Smoke Smudging

The most commonly known forms of “smudging” energy are smoke smudges. These include burning ethically sourced sage, palo santo, insense and resin. You can even use flowers and herbs such as bay leaf, rosemary or lavender.

Burning sage and palo santo has scientifically been proved to reduce airborne bacteria by up to 94%. Also burning resin such as frankincense has been said to help clear the air for those with respiratory problems, it is great for sufferers of asthma, lung problems, flu and a cold.

Burning incense sticks or cones can be beneficial for meditation or relaxation as they contain lavender, chamomile and many herbs, flowers and spices depending on the type of energy you want to feed into your home.

A word of warning, burning smoke should always be done with a responsible adult and I strongly recommend opening the doors and windows. Not only does this allow any negative energy to leave the property, it also stops your lungs from passively smoking.

How I use smoke to smudge.

I like to smudge my home after it has been cleaned physically so that there is a complete energy make over happening. Also, if you struggle to keep your smudge stick lit, you can break it up into pieces as they stay lit for longer and you use less of the bundle.

  1. Chose your smoke tool (you will also need a abalone shell or heat proof dish to catch the ash)
  2. Open doors and windows
  3. Light a candle and burn the smudge stick starting downstairs at your front door.
  4. I like to say “Any negative or stagnant energy can now leave out of these doors and windows”
  5. With the smoke work your way around the door ways, from corner to corner, clockwise around each room and then the centre of each room.
  6. Keeping your thoughts clear and focusing on the intention to clean the energy, woft the smoke around your home (you can also use a feather)
  7. work your way upstairs so that every room and cupboard has been “smudged” with the smoke wand.
  8. Re-light the wand if it keeps doubting.
  9. When you have covered everywhere leave the lit wand on the heat proof dish to slowly doubt itself and give thanks for it’s help to remove any negativity.
  10. Close windows and doors.

Smoke-less Smudging

If you are not able to burn items in your home for whatever reason, or if you do not like the smell then you can buy or make your own spray smudges. The video above is a quick demonstration of how you can do this using herbs, crystals, and essential oils of your choice. If you want your liquid to remain clear then don’t use dry flowers or herbs as they can stain the water (bay leaf however does not)

Here is how I make my smudge spray.

  1. Empty spray bottle
  2. 3/4 full with charged moon water (or filtered/ bottled water)
  3. 5-10 drops lavender oil (or use dried lavender herb)
  4. 5-10 drops rosemary oil (or use dried rosemary herb)
  5. 5-10 drops Palo santo or sage oil
  6. 5-10 drops witch hazel oil or water
  7. Amethyst chips or any grounding stone (black obsidian, tourmaline etc… you can also buy chip bracelets for cheaper than buying bulk chips, then cut the bracelet and use the chips)
  8. Mix all together (any dried herbs may discolor the water over time so avoid using if you want it to stay clearer)
  9. Voila all ready to spray around your home to cleanse your space, cupboards or sacred spaces and it smells fabulous. Keep your head clear of thought or focus on the intention to clear energy as you spray.
  10. New clean energy and good vibes all around.

I hope this can help you keep an energetically happy home, clear of airborne bacteria and negativity. It is also useful for paranormal activity if you are sensing any dark or unwanted spirits in your home. Make sure you keep your windows and doors open but it is an effective way to cleanse the unseen.

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