Easy Moon Altar At Home

What is an Altar?

An altar is a space where spiritual or religious offerings can be made to show gratitude towards god or the universe. It can also be a sacred space where you go daily for meditation, a moment of peace or to positively recharge. Traditionally Altars were created and worshipped in churches from these particular religions Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Paganism and Hinduism.

Altars are now also used by the modern spiritual practitioner in their homes to manifest love, peace, health or abundance. Remember that gratitude is a key principle to manifesting as it raises your vibration to bring more things you will be grateful for into your life.

I have a sacred space in the corner of my office. It is also by the radiator so that I can stay warm when I meditate throughout the winter. I don’t always keep an Altar set up permanently unless I am specifically trying to bring more love or health or abundance into my life. I do however, set myself a small pop-up Altar for my moon rituals, both full and new moon.

Your Altar or Sacred Space can be set up anywhere. Find yourself a quiet space in your home, it can even be the corner of a spare room or a window shelf where nobody will touch or interfere with your items. It can display crystals, tarot or oracle cards, fresh flowers, statues of angels or gods, family photos and anything that helps keep your mind focused and happy. You want your altar to be a pretty set up so that it makes you happy when you visit it but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Full Moon Altar Ideas

Full Moon Oil Difuser Lamp

For a moon Altar, you can set it up around 2-3 days before the full/ new moon, and leave it until 2-3 days after. You can also set it up purely to perform your moon ritual on the night and take it back down after you blow out your candle. There is no right or wrong, just do what feels best for your intentions and energy at the time.

Here is what I do.

When I set up an Altar I like to meditate either outside on the grass or in my sacred space after cleansing or smudging the area. I also keep a journal by my side to jot down any ideas that come to mind for what you want to bring into or let go of in my life.

For a full moon I like to manifest things to do with my personal life, love, health, family. For the full moon I also do a releasing ritual too which is very important as this is the time to let go of what is no longer serving you. For the new moon I like to manifest more materialistic items- business, money and career goals and welcome new things into my life.

For my easy at home Altar I have used…

Setting up your Moon Altar.

  • Set up your Altar in your cleansed sacred space. If you don’t have any tools to smudge or energetically cleanse the space you can also say a prayer.
  • You don’t need to meditate to create an Altar you can just place items on it that you are drawn too. If you need grounding or calming then I recommend meditating first to be in the right frame of mind to pick your items.
  • Take 3 deep breaths in and out to calm and centre yourself, imagine a white light coming from above filling your body and grounding you (imagine being almost pulled heavily down).
  • Once you are calm and secure start to allow your mind to wonder and see what it is you start to think about. Keep these thoughts positive, so if you do feel something negative in your life is happening then think about what outcome you are looking to attract as a solution.
  • See what crystals you are drawn to and place them on whatever base you choose for your alter (Altar cloth, wooden plank, salt,table, window shelf…)
  • You can add fresh flowers and place them in a water vase, then add an incense stick or candle with some salt or sand so you are representing all the elements.
  • Pull 1 card from your oracle or tarot deck – this will now represent and remind you of your purpose or message throughout this moon cycle.
  • I like to leave offerings such as dried flower petals that I then burn with my list of manifestations on the night of the moon or event.

Here are some examples and ideas of items that you can add to your Altars at home depending on what you are looking to attract.

For attracting love you may want to include the following items.

  • Pink or red ribbon or fabric.
  • Framed photos of your loved one or even a photo you consider to be your “couple goals” (obviously don’t keep this altar in space where family or friends can see as they might find this odd)
  • Paired items such as two matching bird statues, pair of small plants.
  • Status of gods or angels associated with love.
  • Pink, red or rose scented candles.
  • Any Crystals that currently resonate with you along with… More specifically – Rose quartz, aventurine, carnelian, red jasper and clear quartz.

For attracting abundance and prosperity you may want to include the following items.

  • Gold or yellow material.
  • Physical Money (A good amount so that it makes you feel abundant to look at it)
  • Gold (jewellery or items)
  • Yellow, white or gold candles. Or Candles with herbs and citrine scent.
  • Dried Chamomile Flowers
  • Framed photos of what you are trying to attract (car, home etc…) but be aware that it may take steps in between to attract a million pound home mansion.
  • Fresh yellow flowers
  • Any Crystals that currently resonate with you along with… Pyrite, Citrine, Aventurine, Sunstone,

There are several ways you can build your Altar, and so many ideas online and on Pinterest. The only thing is you MUST include a candle. Remember if you are setting intentions to attract something then you should keep them positive rather than anything that could harm or upset yourself or anyone else.

Any ideas that come to mind around the time of the full or new moon write them down in your journal. You will get a sense of what you want to attract and then what items can resonate with what it is you are drawing into your life.

I would love to see your Altars so be sure to tag me in your photos or stories on Instagram.

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