Full Moon Releasing Ritual

Releasing Ritual

To release anything that is no longer serving you try this releasing ritual. It can be unhealthy thoughts, habits or attachments. It can also be traits or sides of our personalities that are not of our highest self such as jealousy, resentment, guilt or anger issues. The best time for your releasing ritual is a few days after the full moon, I do this monthly.

You will need…

  1. Pen and paper
  2. Fireproof bowl, saucepan or cauldron
  3. Candle (Any kind)
  4. Bowl of Salt
  5. Bowl of Water
  6. Compass (You can use a phone app)
  1. Place your fireproof dish in the East, a lit candle in the South, bowl of water in the West, and Salt in the North. You may sit in the middle with your pen and paper.
  2. Cleanse or smudge your sacred space (open a window)
  3. Get comfortable and ground yourself. Think about any beliefs or traits that you would like to release and let go of.
  4. Write them down, i like to do this as a letter to the divine or the universe and then write thank you underneath.
  5. Light your paper on fire and place into the fireproof dish. Imagine the things your wrote down leaving with the smoke.
  6. Once the paper has fully burned and the ash has cooled down, place the ash into the bowl of salt in the North, imagine the negativity being absorbed and neutralized
  7. Place ash and salt mixture into the water in the bowl of water in the West. Then flush the mixture down the drain or pour it outside somewhere far away from your home.
  8. Blow out your candle and give thanks to the elements for helping you to release these burdens.
full moon releasing ritual
full moon releasing ritual

Go to your sacred space (or a room where you can have some peace) with at least 1 meter of space surrounding you. It may be a good idea to open a window too.

You will need to use your compass and place your fireproof dish/ pan or cauldron in the East, a lit candle in the South, the Bowl of Water in the West and Bowl of Salt in the North.

Take a moment to ground yourself, meditate if you want to. You can also keep some crystals in the centre with you as mentioned above.

Think about what it is that you would like to release and write it down. Visualise this trait, habbit etc… leaving your life and feel how that peace would feel if it was no longer there. Focus on the positive feeling, how much lighter you would feel if it wasn’t there. How much peace you have when you’re not angry, jealous, attached to something or someone (not to be mistaken with a banishing ritual where we remove actual things or toxic people from our lives). This is all about self discovery and release.

If you want you can say a few words and thank them for being with you up until now but now tell them it is time to go and light your piece of paper in the south. Place the paper into your fireproof dish and visualise them leaving you with the smoke and flame. Again feel the release and how much lighter you feel.

Once the paper has turned to ash, cooled and fully burnt, mix it in with the salt in the North. The salt is there to neutralize and absorb any remaining negative energy.

Turn to the east and add the mixture to your bowl of water then dispose of the water somewhere far from your home (you can also flush it down the drain)

Give thanks to the elements for taking these away from you and then visualize a white light coming from the earth, through the top of your head and surrounding you to protect you from any future negative energy from attaching.

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