Easy Tarot Spread For a Harmonious Home

This post was inspired by Erica Feldman’s book Haus Magick. This is a Tarot Spread to help us with communication and any relationship issues we may be having with others in our homes. You do not need to be a pro Tarot reader to take part it is very simple.

It seems that being in lockdown has taken it’s toll on relationships. Apparently the divorce inquiries have risen by around 40% and there is no surprise that families and friends are falling out. We are living on top of each other right now.

With the stress of the virus, job loss, money worries or just feeling fed up with being around other household members 24/7 we need to bring some harmony to our homes. I thought it would be a perfect time for families, friends and couples living together to use this spread to help clear the air.

So often we don’t see the problems in our actions. We like to blame the other and think we are right, or we may not realize that the things we say or do are actually irritating others. That’s how this spread can help us in identifying what energy we are bringing into the home and the relationship. It also helps us to raise any issues and communicate our problems a bit more tact instead of reaching boiling point and loosing our tempers.

Tarot Spread For Communication

This spread can be used for two or more people living in the same home. Make sure you keep this a positive experience, it is not an opportunity to pick on the other person and everyone should be willing and happy to participate.

You can either buy a Major Arcana card deck, or remove the minors from a regular deck. Then you can simply use the guide given in Erica Feldman’s book or google your results to find the archetypes of the Major characters that you each pull.

Use your intuition and really dig deep into your own soul and highest self when you ground yourself before your reading. It is also recommended that you cleanse your deck before and after a reading if you are able, you can use smudging tools like sage, incense, a bay leaf etc… or simply envision a white light coming from above, through your hands and cleansing the cards.

  1. Find a comfortable, calm and quiet space
  2. Remove the minor Arcana cards from your deck. We will only be using the Major Arcana for this.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths in together to ground and centre yourselves. You can hold hands if you like.
  4. Take it in turns for each person to shuffle the deck of major cards. It is important that everyone’s energy is on the cards.
  5. Keeping the cards faced down, spread the deck out in a straight or curved line
  6. One by one hover your hand (preferably left hand) over the line of cards and each person must ask “What energy am i currently bringing to the home”
  7. Repeat with the other person/s so that every one has a card displaying the energy they are bringing to the home/ relationship
  8. Finally, as a collective decide on who will chose the card to represent the collective energy. You can all decide on a card that you are drawn to or one can pick for the couple/ group.
  9. This time you’re asking “What dynamic is the combination of these energies currently bringing to the home?”
  10. This is now a perfect opportunity to communicate and sort any issues together.

It may be best for each person to suggest how they think they may have been behaving in certain ways, and then it is up to them to ask for your oppinion. Make sure you don’t try to force your oppinion or force help onto others as it may not be very well recieved. Be tactful and kind and work together to work out what the combination of these energies are bringing to the home, and if it is something you need to work on then discuss how you can do this together.

It may now be a good time to give your home a good energetic cleanse. To remove the old stagnant energy and make room for new positive vibes.

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