When it comes to the time of the month it is never fun and games. And so why don’t we start making it a time we look forwards to by creating a self-pamper monthly routine to give us the pick-me-up that we all need.

Incorporate this fantastic CBD product by Our Remedy into your monthly cycles to reduce pain, anxiety and PMS. These vegan drops of joy will help ease mood swings and also has contains mint and rosemary which can help us protect our energy and keep emotional vampires at bay (so they don’t push our buttons at the wrong time). This oil contains Grape seed oil, 500mg/5% CBD infused with organic essential oils; clary sage and peppermint so nasty ingredients. Each full pipette is 1ml of oil/50mg of CBD/25 drops.

To begin with they suggest taking half a pipette which is around 9 drops daily, you can increase this to twice a day. I also place it under my tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing, as i have heard this helps the absorption. You can use during the time of the month or for full time results all month long to get the best results when your period comes round.

Crystals For Periods & PMS

You can use any stones for the sacral or root chakra (usually orange, red rather than black) but here are the best crystals to ease your “moon time”.

Get your face mask on, candles lit, start your CBD daily and pair with the following crystals.

Crystals for women pms
Crystals for women pms

Moonstone – Moonstone is a perfect stone for us ladies especially around the time of the full or new moon when emotions can be all over the place. This beautiful stone helps to balance emotions and our female energy. It is also good for hormones and menopause.

CarnelianThis crystal helps to heal our root and sacral chakra. It is perfect for our sexual organs, and blood related illness hence why this is a must for helping to help heavier and painful periods.

Red Jasper Similar to Carnelian, Red Jasper heals the sacral and root chakra but is also great for healing traumas caused from sexual or domestic abuse. It also can help ease period pains and cramps and is a great stone for fertility. Keep this stone in your bedroom to increase libido and passion between you and your partner (maybe not during our moon time, but you know what I mean).

Rose Quartz This beautiful stone is perfect for promoting love and self love. It also helps calm emotions. Use a rose quartz GuaSha tool for a relaxing facial massage with the added benefits of loving Rose Quartz.

Chrysocolla – Chrysocolla is perfect to ease cramps and flow. It is also a very calming and nourishing stone.

What to do with the crystals

You can keep these around your home, room, under your pillow or meditate whilst holding them or holding the crystal on your abdomen. You can also make crystal infused water to drink (make sure your crystals are ok to be submerged in water, rose quartz is perfectly safe). When you leave the house, keep them in your pocket or in your bra. Little tip, try not to wear more than three crystals on your body at one time as you can be over stimulated by their energy.

What do you do to help ease your PMS symptoms? Drop us a comment and spread some love.

Cara x

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